Luxury vinyl flooring could be your perfect choice

There are many ways to use luxury vinyl flooring throughout your entire home. It's an excellent choice for visual appeal and outstanding durability. But it offers many other benefits that are sure to serve you well.

If you've never experienced these materials in your home, now is a great time to learn more. Then, you could find the answer to all your needs in the same flooring line. Here are some facts that will help you see the whole picture before shopping.

Beauty caters to decor matching and more

A beautiful floor covering can give you the decor match you've always wanted. Vinyl plank flooring with stunning colors and textures can mimic natural wood, stone, and tile. And you can change them even more with format and installation layouts too. But all these things come together to change the ambiance and mood in the room as well. For example, choosing a calming color can be significant in bedrooms. In comparison, playrooms and living rooms can be more playful.

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Don't forget to choose a durable surface

Durability is a great benefit that all these materials have in common. You'll find scratch, scuff, stain, and dent resistance in busy spaces with high traffic. LVP and LVT flooring are a perfect choice for homes with pets and children. One of the favorite features of this flooring line is complete waterproof protection. You'll never have to worry about water damage from moisture, humidity, dampness, or spills. Even flood conditions won't harm luxury vinyl flooring.

Extended features add character and service

These floors have a reputation for resilience, which means a more comfortable surface. But this added softness helps suppress noise and retain heat when necessary. So, with some preplanning for the best options, you'll have a floor that serves you well. Luxury vinyl flooring offers lifespans of more than 20 years with professional installation. They're easy to install, easy to clean, and easy to replace. Add a few rugs or runners in high-traffic areas for more protection.
Luxury vinyl flooring in Cape Girardeau, MO from Stone Mountain Flooring Outlet

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